What is a Powerflush?

Power flushing is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your current central heating system and reduce your heating bill. The technique involves pumping water and cleaning chemicals through radiators in order to flush out any dirt or rust.

Over the years, dirt, rust and ‘sludge’ in central heating systems can build up and cause blockages (cold spots). This slows down the speed at which the hot water produced by your boiler can circulate around your property. The slower the circulation speed of hot water, the higher the cost to heat your home.

The benefits of Power flushing

  • Helps to heat your property more efficiently, thereby lowering energy costs
  • Flushes out blockages in pipes and radiators
  • Helps prevent corrosion in radiators and internal heating elements
  • Eliminates cold spots in radiators
  • Increases the life of your central heating pump
  • Reduces banging (kettling) noises that your heating system produces as it ages
  • Prolongs the life of your boiler
  • Power Flush is an extremely thorough cleaning technique which will revitalise your heating system. If you are installing a new boiler or relocating/adding a radiator, we recommend flushing your central heating system first in order to remove any signs of flux residue.

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